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Jumat, 11 November 2011

"How to make sandwich" (Procedure Text)

“How to make sandwich”

Have you ever eaten a sandwich? Hmm... It sounds so delicious!
How to make something completely is the best example of Procedure TextProcedure text is a text that should have a process in sequence. The function of procedure text is how to do or how to describe something is accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps.

§  Part of procedure text (generic structure):
- Goal           : showing the purpose
- Material      : describing the steps to achieve the purpose
- Step 1-end    : telling the needed materials

§  Language Features:
1.       Using temporal conjunction
2.       Using action verb
3.       Using simple present tense
4.      Using imperative sentence that uses infinitive :
·         For examples :
Boil     Cut     Chop  Shake
Put      Heat   Stir      Fold
Pour    Open  Mix    Break
5.       Using connectors to put the steps in order.
·         For example :
First                After
Second            That
Third               Next
Then               Finally

How to make sandwich
-          Ingredients:
            Two slice of bread, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, and salad.

Tomato Sauce

Slice of Tomatoes

Cheddar Cheese

-          Steps:
First, place a slice of bread on the plate.
Second, put the tomato sauce.
Third, adds salad, slice tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, tomato sauce.
After that, add salad.
Then, put a slice of bread on the top, and
Finally, serve it!

Good Luck!

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